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Private Lessons

Private one on one lessons offer you great flexibility for scheduling and learning. You choose the date, time, and content of each lesson or let Dave create a custom program to meet your individual needs. 


Dave can offer the proper coaching and training that will help you get to that next level and reach your goals.  He guarantees results with a very simplistic approach to his instruction providing each student with specific drills and exercises geared at their skill level and ability.  Prices are as follows:


30 Minute

1 Hour Session

3 - 1 Hour Sessions

5 - 1 Hour Sessions

$ 60

$ 80



Group Lessons

Group lessons are a great way to take golf instruction with your friends or family.  Make your own group and create a custom schedule for your lessons .  You determine the group size, the dates and times of your lessons. 
Then you decide exactly what skills you want to focus on the most, that easy. 


Groups of 2 - 8 players of any age welcome but you must arrange the dates and times prior with Dave Scinocca by email or phone. Prices are as follows:


Group of 2 for 1 Hour

Group of 3 for 1 Hour
Group of 4 for 1 Hour
Group of 5 - 8 for 1 Hour

$ 40 each

$ 30 each

$ 25 each

$ 20 each

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