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Get Fitted

Golf Brandon Pro Shop and their knowledgeable staff has the ability to fit you for equipment that suits your game by using our state of the art FlightScope® Radar Launch Monitor. 

A custom fitting is included in every purchase of clubs using state of the art technology.
Let me tell you about FlightScope®
We can measure........
  • Carry distance
  • Ball launch & club head speed
  • Ball back and side spin
  • 3D flight path
  • Drag coefficient
  • Maximum height & launch angle
  • Elevation angle along trajectory
  • Ball velocity of entire launch

This is the ultimate tool for precise, accurate measurements using 3D doppler radar technology it helps us track......

Golf Ball Data

  • Ball speed

  • Horizontal launch angle

  • Vertical descent angle

  • Smash factor

  • Spin rate

  • Carry distance

  • Roll

  • Total distance

  • Apex height

  • Shot dispersion

Club Data

  • Club speed

  • Club speed profile

  • Club acceleration

  • Face angle

  • Face to path

  • Dynamic loft

  • Angle of attack

  • Club path

  • Vertical swing plane

  • Horizontal swing plane

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