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Get Fitted

Golf Brandon Pro Shop and their knowledgeable staff has the ability to fit you for equipment that suits your game by using our state of the art Trackman Launch Monitor. 

A custom fitting is included in every purchase of clubs using state of the art technology.
Let me tell you about TRACKMAN
We can measure........
  • Carry distance
  • Ball launch & club head speed
  • Ball back and side spin
  • 3D flight path
  • Drag coefficient
  • Maximum height & launch angle
  • Elevation angle along trajectory
  • Ball velocity of entire launch

Tell me More.....

This is the ultimate tool for precise, accurate measurements using 3D doppler radar technology it helps us track......

Golf Ball Data

  • Ball speed

  • Horizontal launch angle

  • Vertical descent angle

  • Smash factor

  • Spin rate

  • Carry distance

  • Roll

  • Total distance

  • Apex height

  • Shot dispersion

Club Data

  • Club speed

  • Club speed profile

  • Club acceleration

  • Face angle

  • Face to path

  • Dynamic loft

  • Angle of attack

  • Club path

  • Vertical swing plane

  • Horizontal swing plane

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